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Diving In Paradise

Look at scuba diving around the world with stops in Belize,
Bermuda, Bonaire, Cayman, Cozumel, Curacao, Dominican
Republic, Fiji, Grenada, Honduras, North Carolina,
Malaysia, Southern California, Thailand and the Yucatan.
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OK. Even though you love your day job you can't shake
those dreams of telling the world about your avocation and
getting paid to do so. Why not! See the world. Meet
celebrities. Get tax breaks. And get paid to pursue the real
love of your life. Bob Sterner shares tips from working both
sides of the desk, as a freelance writer and photographer, and
the editor who hires them at newspapers, consumer and trade

Northeast's Coolest Dives

The best dive is the closest to serious divers. A rogue's
gallery of images is shared by some of the most hard-core
divers from the Carolinas north to Canada and west through
the Great Lakes. History dating to precolonial days, marine
science news, underwater beauty and tips for gourmands are
woven into continually updated archive of people having fun.

Evolution of Gear

From the moment Schyllis improvised a snorkel from a reed
to stealthily destroy the Persian fleet in 500 B.C. to the
invention of the Nuut suit, gear that was developed to explore
beneath the sea provides nearly a fossil record of the history
of man's presence underwater. This is a look at gear by a
product columnist for diving, manufacturing and gourmet
trade and consumer publications.

Diving To Overcome Disabilities

Diving is the therapeutic sport of choice for many veterans
returning home with severe war wounds from Iraq and
Afghanistan and civilians who have suffered injuries in auto
accidents, at home or on the job. Freed from weight of
gravity, many can soar as readily as able-bodied peers, an
experience that helps rebuild mental confidence. (Note: This
talk is best delivered jointly with Barbara Krooss.)

Hypothermia Chills Diving Skills

Being cold is more than uncomfortable for divers; it can be
deadly. Whenever a diver is in water cooler than body
temperature, the core body temperature is dropping.
Hypothermia is a cumulative condition that can stealthily
creep up on divers even at warm-water resort destinations,
muddling judgment underwater and contributing to
disagreements with buddies top-side. (Note: This is Barbara
Krooss's talk.)
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