From producing publications, to special section inserts to
complete book-music-aromatherapy packages, Sterner
Editorial Services can tackle the project with aplomb.  Look
over the samples below, and then let us know how we can
help your next project by clicking the "info" e-mail link to
the left.
Publication Production

Northeast Dive News launched this spring to cover
sport diving from the Carolinas north to Quebec and
west through the Great Lakes.  Its older sister,
Northwest Dive News, has been covering the Pacific
Northwest for seven years.  Sterner Editorial
Services supplies editorial content to the startup.

  • Immersed Magazine
Sterner Editorial Services supplied content to
Immersed, an international diving magazine, from
its start in 1996 through 2002.  

Multimedia Production

Sterner Editorial Services designed and produced
this package on the use of the Japanese bamboo
flute to enhance meditation.  It includes a five music
CDs that required remastering historic audio tapes
to digital files, and then developing artwork to ease
matching each CD with the appropriate chapter in a
142-page book on the history of the medium.  A
bundle of incense helps to relax readers / listeners.
The book, five music CDs and incense are encased
in a sturdy plastic container that fits nicely on any