Big Apple has a soft core

The New York City metro area has a well deserved reputation as
the quintessential urban center. That can be formidable to visitors
from more rural regions. However, it isn't so unnerving when the
Big Apple is broken down into its many neighborhoods and parks
where denizens go about daily activities just as humans do
wherever there are humans. It's just that there are more people
doing a more varied set of activities, based on their own cultures
and interests. Here is a small sample of images that herald the
soft core of the Apple, instead of its tall buildings, and busy
sidewalks and streets.
Skyrocket over Brooklyn Bridge
Jamaica Bay Santuary
Nice bass
Pedaling the Brooklyn Bridge
Nice bass!
Joust a minute!
Norwegian Princess
Barbara at 1st Sight
Intrepid Returns
Magic of the city
Met Opera Foyer
Chinatown fete
Underground Music