Writers, Photographers Guidelines
FEATURES: Stories on destinations and diving issues are typically 1,200 words. Having photos or other artwork to
accompany them definitely can increase our interest in them. Please observe the following points:

1) Query first with a short paragraph describing the story or stories you would like to submit. Advise of the availability
of images, and provide a way to contact you to further discuss your idea(s) before writing any story.

2) Assume your audience knows absolutely no acronyms, jargon or abbreviations. Spell everything out.

3) Write in third person (descriptive narrative) and avoid first person (NO I, me, us, etc.)

4) Make sure you mention the water temperature, visibility and currents!

5) Include a short sentence about you with contact info for an “about the author” blurb.

6) All stories are subject to editing.

7) Microsoft Word is preferred. Do not format the text, page numbering or embed images or symbols in it. Save files in
Rich Text Format (*.rtf) to ease opening them here.

IMAGES: We prefer JPG images at 300 dpi at 100 percent enlargement. We can accept color slides and prints. Never
send an original slide or one-of-a-kind print. Send copies!

NEWS BREAKS: We run short, 100-word, news briefs in every issue. They must be very fresh news items or ones that
are not widely circulated in mass media.

EVENTS: Send us brief descriptions of upcoming events at your dive shop or club as far in advance of the events as
possible. At least two to three months in advance helps!

WHERE / HOW TO SEND STORIES / IMAGES: Electronic delivery via the Internet works well. Send JPG images and
text files as attachments to e-mail sent to:


Photos, disks and CDs containing images and text files can be mailed to:

           Bob Sterner, Editor, Northeast Dive News
           327 Jackson Street, No. 6
           Hoboken, NJ 07030
           Tel./Fax: (201) 683-4247
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