Honduras Bids Happy Returns

The first thing a visitor will want to do upon returning from
Honduras is book the next trip there. Those who spent most of
their time splashing down on the Bay Islands offshore will want
to come back to see the mainland, while those who delved into
the rich Mayan history will want to return for diving offshore.
Roatan is the destination for divers. Anthony's Key Resort can
accommodate groups, singles and families, especially with its
programs that allow kids to snorkel with dolphins or learn to ride
horses while their parents are getting in a morning of diving on
colorful reefs or the wrecks of the Aguila and the Odyssey.
Mid-winter visitors may even catch sight of a whale shark. A tall
pilsener or slivovitz made from native hog plums at the Bay
Island Brewery caps off a day of diving in paradise. Those who
marvel at the mysteries of the Maya will want to see Copan. This
Paris of the Maya world is highly decorated with the glyphs that
allowed scholars to crack Mayan, a complex language with
hundreds of symbols. The city, tucked in a valley along the
mountainous border with Guatemala, was the commerce center
of the Maya southern lowlands from 426 to 800, with a
population peaking at 27,500. Although largely abandoned long
before the Spanish arrived, Chief Lempira led the native revolt
against the conquistadors from the Copan region, and suffered an
assassination seemingly foreshadowed by that of 18 Rabbit, who
ruled Copan at its height. Lempira's image and that of the main
ball court at Copan are memorialized on the Honduran one-
Lempira bill. The bill is worth about a nickel, but it goes a long
way in Honduras. Spend an extra nickel to hire a driver / guide
for mainland tours, who can take visitors to out-of-the-way
stops like a coffee plantation, butterfly farm and cockfighting
Fresh Seafood, Roatan. Photo: Barbara Krooss
Pillar Coral. Photo: Bob Sterner
Aguila Entry. Photo: Bob Sterner
Turtle. Photo: Barbara Krooss
Aguila Midship. Photo: Barbara Krooss
Aguila Guardian Grouper. Photo: Bob Sterner
Coral. Photo: Bob Sterner
Bristle Worm. Photo: Bob Sterner
Odyssey Bow. Photo: Bob Sterner
Sponge Wall. Photo: Bob Sterner
Crusting Coral. Photo: Bob Sterner
A Moray. Photo: Bob Sterner
Carnitas Nia Lola Service. Photo: Barbara Krooss
Copan Heiroglyphic Stairway. Photo: Bob Sterner
Cattle share roadways. Photo: Bob Sterner
Copan artifact surfacing. Photo: Bob Sterner
Fighting Cock Farm. Photo: Bob Sterner
18 Rabbit Stella. Photo: Bob Sterner
Sacred Ceiba Tree. Photo: Bob Sterner
Copan Today. Photo: Barbara Krooss
Coffee Ripening. Photo: Bob Sterner
Butterfly Farm Denizen. Photo: Bob Sterner
Copan Main Ball Court. Photo: Bob Sterner