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Toast soreness away January 2008
CherryPharm, the antioxidant-rich beverage that eases sore muscles, has two new variations. Its Natural Recovery blend packs eight grams
of whey protein into the eight-ounce bottle to give muscles the nutrients to rebuild from strains of being overworked. The new Cherry Fruit
blend is sweeter to appeal to kids who may be put off by the tartness of the original product. The Fruit blend contains the essence of 35
cherries while the others pack 50 whole cherries. CherryPharm is intended to decrease pain of exercise and speed recovery from muscle
damage. Test on the New York Rangers, 12 college football teams and patients at Lenox Hill Hospital's Athletic Trauma Unit and the
University of Vermont's Human Performance Lab helped Cornell University to develop the formulae for its juices. Although diving isn't
supposed to be a high-energy sport that's rough on muscles, lugging gear can be. The unbreakable plastic bottles can be tossed in a dive bag
for a rehydrating analgesic beverage that perks up the taste buds whether cold or at ambient temperature.
Cherry Juice.
Hydration creation June 2007
Every divers know the importance of keeping hydrated to minimize decompression sickness and cramps, but now and then mere water
tastes kind of bland. Diversitea tries to perk up the taste buds while giving a healthy dose of liquid with its blends of herbal tea sports drinks.
It’s newest entry, Sweet Original Blend, is sure to be a hit with kids and southerners. Instead of sugar, it’s sweetened with stevia, which is
many times sweeter than sugar with virtually no calories and can be consumed by diabetics. Orange peel, rose hips and red clover and
hibiscus flowers flavor the original blend. Other beverages include Sunset Blend, No Jet Lag and Trip Ease blends.
Pack a healthy snack April 2007
A day of diving can give anyone the munchies, but noshing on greasy fried salty snacks can overload a body with unhealthy fats and
calories. Crum Creek Mills introduced a healthier alternative in a line of goodies geared specifically for sports enthusiasts. Everything Soy
Bites are breadsticks that are packed with protein and soothe the craving for a crunchy snack. They’re available in rosemary, garlic, sesame
and onion flavors. The Soy Nut Mix is for gorp lovers, with a blend of soy nuggets, chocolate chips, raisins and pumpkin and sunflower
seeds. They vegan snacks are flavored with natural sea salt and come in waterproof packs that resist crushing. Each pack contains about
100 calories, making it easy to keep track of your diet.