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A case to tool around the dock May 2009
Dive boat captains and gear technicians who need to carry s serious load of tools around in a marine environment may find a solution in
Pelican Products' 0450 tool chest. The tough waterproof, air-sealed polymer chest was originally designed for the U.S. military to transport
tools in harsh environments. Up to 100 pounds of tools can be stowed in its seven drawers, six of which are shallow. There also is a
removable top tray whose lid can be folded back to create a workspace. Drawers can be set in a variety of configurations to accommodate
tool shapes. Doubly redundant locking systems secure the chest. Extra-large tamper-resistant stainless steel padlock protectors discourage
would be thieves. O-ring seals lock out air and moisture. Dual pressure- equalization valves ease re-opening the case. It's shipped with a
removable drawer slide chassis that enables users to customize the case with additional drawers. An extension handle is molded into the
case, which rolls on stainless steel ball bearing mounted wheels. The 0450 is built to stand up to Pelican's lifetime guarantee: "You break it.
We replace it ... Forever."
A tough case to break May 2008
Traveling tech divers can ship their valuable gear without fear of damage in Pelican's new 1730 transport case. The rectangular case has
nearly 10,000 cubic inches of space that can be customized with the Pick 'n Pluck foam insert system. Multiple cases can be securely
stacked on pallets thanks to the four base-to-lid locking cleats. Individual cases can be carried with double-wide handles or rolled on
polyurethane wheels with stainless steel ball bearings and nylon hubs for smooth towing. Pelican cases have open cell-core walls that are
molded from a rugged polymer that resists harsh conditions. An o-ring seals out dust and water and dual-action latches that withstand up to
400 pounds of force, yet they open easily. An integrated automatic pressure equalization valve seals out moisture and prevents vacuum lock
at any altitude. All Pelican cases have an unconditional lifetime guarantee against breakage.
Rest your case January 2007
ZUCA Sport is a handy case designed to lug gear to the dock or through airports. The 17- by 14- by 10-inch case has a double set of
wheels to ease going up or down stairs. LED lights are built into the wheels, making the case more visible at night in parking lots. The cloth
bag is detachable for easy washing and the lightweight aluminum external frame doubles as a seat that can double as a dolly or a gear
platform. A telescoping handle extends to 38 inches, but collapses to fit into the overhead bins of larger airplane cabins. Accessories are
available to customize the bag for carrying a laptop computer and organizing documents. Also available are a travel cover and a seat
Making a case for laptops October 2006
Laptop computers are showing up on more charter boats as more divers need heavier computing power to upload and save digital images or
download decompression profiles into their sophisticated dive computers. Since water and delicate electronics don’t mix, Pelican Products
has introduced the crush-proof, watertight 1080 HardBack Case specifically designed to protect standard 13-inch laptops. Anodized
aluminum latches and stainless steel pins secure the case closed. Its tongue-and-groove lid and polymer o-ring seal make the 1080
watertight. A Gor-Tex pressure equalization valve keep moisture out, but allows the case to be opened at any altitude. Cases are lined with
shock-absorbing plush molded foam that protects the computer from scratches. The also are available with Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam to create a
custom fit at no extra cost. As with all Pelican cases, they have a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Learn more at
Rx for hauling med supplies July 2006
Public safety divers and emergency medical personnel can now get a “go bag” sturdy enough to withstand the punishing conditions that
create accidents. Pelican has just released a series of EMS Cases that are specially engineered to organize medical supplies. The lid holds
clear pockets that allow contents to be seen at a glance. A hook-and-loop padded divider set makes the inside storage space fully
customizable to protect larger supplies. As with all Pelican cases, it is completely water- and dust-proof. An equalization valve keeps out
moisture but prevents vacuum lock, so the case can be opened at any altitude. The latches can withstand up to a 400-pound blow and
stainless steel padlock protectors provide a defense against cutting and theft. An optional TSA PeliLock is available that enables airport
personnel to use their special key to open the case for security inspection. Pelican cases come with a lifetime free replacement warranty.
Learn more at
Pelican cubes storage space June 2006
Packing and storing delicate gear such as underwater cameras and scientific instruments can be eased with Pelican’s award-winning 0350
cube case. The tough molded plastic case is a cube of nearly 22.5 inches per side, offering nearly 11,000 cubic inches of storage. The
design allows cases to be stacked. Double handles are molded into the sides to ease lifting the cubes and optional rollers are available to ease
transporting them. Double-throw latches and hinges withstand nearly 400 pounds of pressure. An o-ring and automatic pressure
equalization valve seal out dust and moisture, yet enable the case to be open easily after being transported in aircraft. The cube comes filled
with three levels of foam padding or can be filled with optional multi-pocketed lid organizers and padded divider sets. Also available are
optional Transportation Security Agency-accepted locks. The design recently garnered the Industrial Military Design Excellence Award by
the Society of Plastics Industry and Design News Magazine. Like all Pelican products, it is unconditionally guaranteed for life. Learn more
Pelican top loads design January 2006
Everyone has sturdy cases that horizontally like suitcases, but what about mobile gear that would be better to store in a vertical
configuration? Now there is a case that addresses this design, the model 1430 from Pelican Products. With nearly 1,100 cubic inches of
usable storage space, the 1430 has a unique top-loading design. The molded handle atop the lid is coated with rubber for a sure, comfortable
grip, or it can be toted with the optional shoulder strap. The lid has straps and pockets to organize pens and other small items and the main
body of the case has a “mobile office” file holder kit plus padded dividers for photo or computer gear. Pelican’s engineering-grade polymer,
cell-core construction protects gear from blows of nearly 400 pounds of force. A polymer o-ring seals out duster and water. Of course, it
comes with Pelican’s guarantee: “You break it, we replace it … forever.” Learn more at
Tote in line December 2005
Everyone under 6-foot-3 knows that conventional 80-cubic-foot aluminum tanks are just a little bit longer than distance between the hand at
rest and the ground, and therefore tanks have to be hefted a few inches upward to be carried without dragging. TankTote solved the
problem by creating a heavy-duty plastic strap with a loop at each end that fits over a standard tank. The middle of the strap forms a
handle, allowing tanks to be carried parallel to the ground, eliminating the tension of keeping the tank slightly elevated while being carried.
The bottoms of the loops form a flat surface beneath the tank, so it doesn’t roll in the car trunk. Learn more at