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Dive attitude specialty February 2008
Algorithms, physics and rubber suits, Oh My! Wasn't diving supposed to be fun, not scary? Designers at Dive In Funwear think so. The
apparel firm launched a line of sassy duds that subtly say "diver" in a flip way that stands out from the shirts and jackets on a typical
resort's souvenir rack. Guys' and ladies' styles range from practical long-sleeve cover-ups to tank tops that flatter the body you've worked
so hard to build. Wear them around town to start conversations about diving with local landlubbers or pack them in the suitcase to wave
your dive flag topside while on holiday. An array of set designs to fit divers from extra-small to really big can be found on-line. However
Dive In Funwear is just as prepared to deliver custom orders to shops and organizations that want to offer their denizens a special reason
for diving with them.
PADI accessorizes diving  October 2007
PADI divers can wear their certifications on their sleeve now that the Professional Association of Diving Instructors has brought out a line
of dive duds and accessories. More than 100 items in a wide range of colors were displayed at DEMA, including clothing, accessories,
bags, towels and hats. The items will be available at PADI dive centers and resorts or can be special ordered through the PADI Diving
Society. Items sport logos of various PADI programs, including the Diving Society, Emergency First Response and Project AWARE. For
an extra fee, the items can be customized with personal ratings, such as divemaster, assistant instructor, open water instructor or course
director. Although the items can be special ordered on-line, they will not be shipped directly to the consumer. Instead, they will be delivered
through the dive shop or resort of the customer’s choice.
Flaunt your diva nature April 2007
Proud to be a woman and a diver? Tell the world by donning duds from the new Scuba Diva line from Deep Gear. The maker of sassy
shirts, daypacks, caps, jackets and other apparel for divers extended their line with trademarked Scuba Diva. The new line includes
camisoles, shirts, caps and other items in sassy colors and designs that boldly shatter any image that divers are people who wear frumpy
black rubber suits. Stylish items are lightweight and cut for comfort, making them idea to sport on your dive trips or local dive club
Embroidery flags divers August 2006
Clubs and shops can call special attention to their diving focus by having shirts, hats and other items custom embroidered by DiveNames
Embroidery. The Isleton, Calif., company can turn any name of up to 10 characters into a red and white dive flag. Have the name put on
the 100 percent cotton shirts available through the company or others’ shirts or products. The club or businesses’ name, slogan or other
information can be added in white lettering beneath the dive flag embroidery or added to the sleeve in a white block font. The company
specializes in group and special orders. Learn more at