Dive Rite Press Release
Date: August 6, 2004
Dive Rite’s Handheld HID Pierces Dark Water
Lake City, FL, USA. —  Dive Rite’s new handheld 10-watt High Intensity Discharge light slices through
silty water with its tight 6-degree beam. Its 2700 mA Nickel Metal Hydride battery powers the LT6079 HID
light for up to two hours. The maintenance-free battery does not develop a memory, and recharges in three
to four hours. Traveling divers will like the LT6026 charger, included with the light system, since it
automatically adjusts to 110- or 220-volt current. The on / off switch and charging port are conveniently
located on the hard-coated aluminum rear cap. The 8.25-inch-long light is 2.38 inches in diameter, and
weighs only 2.55 pounds, thanks to its sturdy anodized aluminum construction. High impact-resistant PVC
is used in the front cap. A stainless steel handle, attached to the base, can be attached to either a clip or a
lanyard. This allows the light to be clipped to BCD or to the wrist. A pocket that comes with the light
system can be mounted to any BCD harness with 2-inch webbing or used for storage when the light is not
in use. The light is depth rated to 500 feet / 152 meters.

Model Number: LT6079
MSRP $650.00
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