Get the Cayman Blues

There's something about Cayman's Caribbean location that seems
to make water just a little bluer than anywhere else in the world.
At least that's photographer Cathy Church's excuse for basing
her operations at Grand Cayman's Sunset House. Critters here
are shot so often you expect them to pull model releases out of
their gills after posing for pictures. Diving is easy. Clear water in
the mid-80s F in the summer and upper-70s F in the winter
beckon water lovers. Sandy plains with reefs and wrecks and
sheer walls visited by huge pelagic creatures can be seen on boat
dives just a few minutes offshore or just a few fin kicks off
DiveTech's dock. There's lots to see onshore. Two micro-
breweries compete for your palette. A butterfly farm entertains
with soothing music and a dazzling collection, and Grand
Cayman is the only place in the world to see the endangered blue
iguana. A turtle farm helps build stocks of endangered turtles
while allowing Cayman visitors to enjoy turtle dishes banned by
eco-conscious chefs. Seven-Mile Beach bustles as does
Georgetown, but both maintain a quaint island quality. It's the
birthplace of democracy in the Western Hemisphere and offers
the laid-back inspiration for the Barefoot Man's musical
escapades on Rum Point. Want to forget the bustle to spend
quality time with loved ones? Cayman Brac is the place. Family
Week specials entertain kids and strengthen family ties with
activities for adults and children in an ultra-safe environment.
Safe drinking water flows from taps and electrical service is
110-volts / 60-cycle. Leave formal clothes at home. Shorts and
T-shirts are comfortable by day, but a light jacket and slacks feel
nice in the evening.
Bob Fires. Photo: Barbara Krooss
Bob, above, goes in for the shot.
The Shot: Sting Ray City. Photo: Bob Sterner
Squirrel fish poses. Photo: Barbara Krooss
Down on the Butterfly Farm. Photo: Bob Sterner
That's A Moray. Photo: Barbara Krooss
Elkhorn Reef, Cayman Brac. Photo: Bob Sterner
Endangered Blue Iguana. Photo: Bob Sterner
Grand Cayman, Northwest Wall. Photo: Bob Sterner
Cayman Brac by Moonlight. Photo: Bob Sterner
Zale Parry at Stingray City. Photo: Bob Sterner
Simon Morris's Mermaid. Photo: Bob Sterner
Cayman Brac Boobie. Photo: Bob Sterner
Oro Verde Denizen. Photo: Bob Sterner
Stingray Brewmeister. Photo: Bob Sterner
Big Daddy Brewmaster. Photo: Bob Sterner
Tarpon Cavern, Grand Cayman. Photo: Bob Sterner
A Georgetown Chick. Photo: Bob Sterner

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Cayman National Tree. Photo: Bob Sterner
Turtle Farm. Photo: Bob Sterner
Tom Ingram at Stingray City. Photo: Bob Sterner
Georgetown Harbor. Photo: Bob Sterner