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Image will leave you 'Shaky' May 2009
Books and videos are the mainstays of Book Log, but a picture recently became available that is worth so many thousands of
words that it warrants a review. Artist Mick St. Clair created a painting of "Old Shaky", as Texas Tower No. 4 was dubbed by its
crew, as it faced angry seas before succumbing to a nor'easter off the New Jersey Shore on Jan. 15, 1961. Remains of this
Cold War era radar dome now are visited by adventurous wreck divers and memories of the 28 men who perished are still
cherished by those who knew them. St. Clair's depiction captures the spirit of that night with frothy waves and rain driven by
fierce winds. A taller wave in the distance suggests that the coup de grace is nearing as lights of the tower windows glimmer in
the storm. This is a picture that will raise goose bumps on wreck divers and anyone who's ever been caught at sea during a
raging gale. St. Clair has 200 16- by 20-inch prints on archival 20-by 24-inch 100 percent cotton paper. Each is numbered
and signed by the artist. An Ultrachrome process accurately depicts the original and, with proper handling, will not fade for
decades. For information, e-mail
Texas Tower No. 4