Finally back in the office long enough to figure out
where I've been and where you'll find Bob next.
Upcoming is the international Diving Equipment &
Marketing Association show in Orlando, Fla. It's an
annual event that draws divers and diving
businesses together. We tell everyone that we're
there to work, but really it's just an excuse to have
fun with friends we see at least once a year. More
inspiring than the show was covering vets who were
injured in Iraq earning their open water scuba
certifications in Bonaire. Odd as it may seem, diving
is a great activity for persons with disabilities. While
they may be weighted down by gravity on land they
can fly through the weightless environment of the
underwater world. The Handicapped Scuba
Association and Wounded Warrior Project opened
up a new world for these vets, and look in upcoming
magazines for stories and photos, especially
underwater ones. Competition for the topside photos
of the group was pretty aggressive among the press
pool covering the event. Much prettier was a
getaway to Woodstock, N.Y., to see fall foliage at its
peak. Tree colors were so vivid that one wondered if
there was still acid in the soil from the rock music
event decades ago.

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