Soggy Sandy

Bob has been cleaning up these days, unfortunately at
home instead of at Atlantic City. More than a month
after Hurricane Sandy walloped the New York metro
area there still are plenty of chores other than making
homebrew to do at Sterner's Bar & Grill. Three storm
systems combined to give the region a right hook on
Oct. 29, 2012. The surge of water fulfilled my dreams
in a way of living on waterfront property and installing a
swimming pool in my basement. Be careful what you
wish for, eh? It allowed my four-wheel dive bag Sanya
the Jeep an opportunity as well to pursue my favorite
hobby of scuba diving. Unfortunately she lacked a
protection suit and along with Miles the Jaguar, she
found a new career in the recycling industry. The storm
was chased with a snowstorm provided a picturesque
view of the storm-ravaged region. But there was no time
to enjoy its beauty while filling 53 contractor bags with
soggy personal belongings and lugging them to the curb.
The exercise made me the most buff I've felt in years.
Still I feel luckier than many storm victims. Nothing
valuable, a friend or loved one, was lost. Only stuff and
that regenerates itself. Since the ground was flooded
with saltwater, I spread gypsum over the garden and
around trees hoping to help plants survive. Christmas
provided a nice break from cleanup chores, and a
chance to share the holiday with loved ones, who seem
all the more dear in the wake of the storm. Here's
hoping we all have a mundanely normal New Year.
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Bob Sterner
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Bob Cleans Up
Freeport Nautical Mile
Basement Hi Tide
Hefting bags builds muscles
Basement Low Tide
Water cascade
Sanya the Jeep RIP
Whitewashed storm damage