Bob's back!

Well yes. It's been a long time since Bob last revealed
his whereabouts, but he's back! With a bit of a tale, as
usual. Somewhere around the fall Barleycorn event of
the Society of Creative Anachronism, I stepped into a
time portal and got transported back to the Middle Ages.
Hate when that happens. Yet it's so easy to stumble one
of these holes at events where homemade beers and
meads are being judged. Well my Barleycorn entry took
top honors in the ale category, thanks to being the only
entry, so Sterner's Bar & Grill finally can boast that it
produces AWARD-WINNING beer. Fortunately the
SCA also organizes the Pennsic War. In the middle of  
another brewing- / mead-making competition there was
another time hole there that caused me to slip back into
the 21st Century. We'll see how that works out, but
meanwhile I'm kinda nostalgic about living in days of
yore; a time when a guy could sit around fixing his
armor while a freshly killed goat is roasted over the
wood-stoked campfire. Wash the meal down with craft
brewed ale. Hints of modernity crept in. For some
reason the camping area was buzzed by everything from
military spy planes to an advertising blimp. And the fare
one evening was bacon-cheese sliders batter-dipped and
deep-fat fried. Still the sense of war prevailed at war and
archery events, with my East Kingdom of Ostgardr
trouncing the Midwest Realm, so they're stuck once
again with Pittsburgh. There was lots to be learned at
Pennsic University in between serious rest and relaxing.
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