Life's seasonings

As the equinox that marks the beginning of summer
approaches it's good to look over snapshots of spring.
The shots will be reminders of the vibrancy of the world
coming alive later in the summer, when lazing in the hot,
humid hazy sun is about all the activity one wants to
muster. This year's season began on a humbling note.
My sister, Mary, and I were called upon to receive a
posthumous award to our brother, David, for service to
the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers.
While it was quite an honor for all of us, it did remind us
of how he's been missed since he passed a year ago.
Talking with his colleagues was cathartic. We were
fortunate to have balmy weather and took full advantage
of it after the banquet by strolling Captree Boat Basin on
Long Island's south shore and Humes Japanese Stroll
Garden at Locus Valley, N.Y., where Barbara plays
shakuhachi, the bamboo flute used to foster Zen
meditation. There never is a shortage of photo subjects
at the garden. Coral bells, ferns and wildflowers of all
sort were waking up for the new season of growth.
Some seemed almost humorous as a tree seemingly
hatching out of a nutshell. Here and there were
reminders of last year's leaves being pushed aside by
new growth. Another pilgrimage that's becoming a
tradition is the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival where
urbanites get the sheep thrill of seeing critters that
provide us with warm wools that'll feel so good when
fall chills the dog days of summer.
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Bob Sterner
photos © 2009
David's Award
Captree Gulls
Sheep Thrills
Coral Belles
Just hatched tree
Jack Preachin'
Mushroom, ant's view
Life renewal
Barbara / Shakuhachi