Dive show time

It's springtime when young and even not so you mens'
thoughts turn to, uh, diving of course. There's the gantlet
of dive shows to keep us warm to the sport during winter
and spring months. Who wouldn't want to go diving after
having her deepness herself,
Dr. Sylvia Earle, sidle up to
me at the
Boston Sea Rovers show. The Rovers had a
warm welcome for
Wes Skiles who was awarded a silver
bowl as the club's Diver d'J...er, Year. It seems part of
winning this honor is to have the bowl filled with weird
stuff and have your face dunked in it. Presumably if you
think the visibility is good and the ice cubes don't bother
you then you pass the test as a northeast diver. Show
craziness will continue through the month. Barbara and I
are speaking at the Columbus, Ohio,
ScubaFest this week
and aim to get back in time for
Beneath The Sea at
Secaucus, N.J., the following weekend. I'm presenting
How to Freelance Your Dive Story and Diving In
while Barbara is delivering Hypothermia and
Diving And Drugs. Click Speaker Services to learn more.
Just when it seemed like there was time to prepare for all
of this, a heck of a storm pummeled the northeast with
high winds and hard rain. Just a few inches of water in
part of the basement and a neighbor's partially blown
down fence seemed fairly inconsequential to the seriously
big limbs and even trees that fell here and there. Cleaning
up debris uncovered a crocus ready to pop its flower.
Now there's an undeniable sign that spring really is just
around the corner.
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Bob Sterner
photos © 2009
Sylvia Earle / BKrooss Photo
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