Cool times

It's been a while since this feature was updated. I had the
good fortune to have lots of writing and editing work,
That, unfortunately, riled the carps in the tunnel of my
mousing arm, so I had to stay off the computer except for
essential tasks. Things are better now and hopefully I'll get
back to updating this page regularly. Spending less time at
the desk meant getting out more. A really fun jaunt was
attending the
Society for Creative Anachronism's annual
Birka Market at Manchester, N.H. Potions, lotions,
weapons and all matters Medieval are bought and sold at
this market. Barbara the nearly naked Frisian and I, as
Robert l'Chat, continued our quest to purchase a little one.
Although we saw several excellent healthy ones, their
parents were reluctant to part with them with one
exception. One couple offered to pay us to take their
child, but he was quite unruly and we declined the offer.
It was all in jest of course. It was just in joust for
hundreds of warriors at the market, who lined up to battle
fight after fight refereed by marshals trained in judging
these bouts. Not having a pugilist persona, I left these
fighters have their fun and meandered the floor to keep a
sharp eye for dancing girls and ladies proudly displaying
their assets in Elizabethan dresses. Hot stuff! Old man
winter, however, cooled me off with a pile of snow.
Although it fell short of the 16-inch forecast, there was
plenty to shovel off of the drifted-over sidewalk. The
activity seemed to strengthen the wrist and provide a little
exercise. Even urban areas look like winter wonderland
when coated with snow. And thanks to good mass transit,
Sanya my Jeep can stay cozily covered at the curb.
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Bob Sterner
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Dancin' Goils
Take That!
Warrior Lineup
Snow Depth
Bob Unmasked
Barbara n Bob
Shovel This!
Sanya Under Cover
Shrub a dub