Good for what ales you

Hard to believe it's harvest season already. As much as I
still want to enjoy summer fun, the hops vines and the fig
tree are unmistakably yielding their flowers and fruits. So
this fall, Bob the Brewmaster decided to combine the
harvests into a batch of Fig-Ale-Aboudit homebrew.
Those who drop by Sterner's Bar & Grill this time next
month will get free samples. The ale was made with the
first barely ripening fruits of a fig tree that is laden with
fruit should ripen this week. When the universe hands an
alchemist a barrel of sugar-rich fruit that's on the verge of
spoiling, the only thing to do is to make wine and thank
your lucky stars it wasn't another barrel of lemons. It's
never possible to count your ribbons before they're won,
but this may be a beverage worthy of entry in vaunted
competitions, such as those of the Society for Creative
Anachronism at Pennsic next summer or Barleycorn in the
fall. It would take a wine or mead at least that long to
balance into a reasonable quaff. Whether it'd improve or
nosedive in the year after that is a crapshoot. The
society's outings are causing Bob to find himself in
unusual pursuits. A recent one at the Queens County Fair
was a real treat, catching the Something Special Big Band
in between giving archery demonstrations at the society's
tent. It was such a kick to see a tyke cutting loose with
improvised dance steps to sounds that were new 40 or 50
years before she was born. The society's dancing goils
stretched music's timelessness back even more centuries.
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