February, the new March

Life seems to be imitating sentiment this February. Usually
about the only thing warm about the month is Valentine's
Day, but this one's been so warm as to allow walks at the
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Since it's coming in as a
lamb, hopefully it won't go out like a lion as folk wisdom
predicts for the next month. Getting back to February's
warm spot, my valentine. Barbara, couldn't have buoyed
up Bob any better. The bouquet of lobsters with their
heart-red color was plenty romantic. But when she gifted
me with not one but
two dozen oysters, I knew a gauntlet
had been thrown to see who could have the most pleasure
this holiday weekend. And the fun continues. While most
throw away the shells from seafood feasts, Sterner's Bar
& Grill follows Julia Child's advice of boiling them in a
stock pot to create a base for seafood chowders. The
strained juice after an hour of simmering yielded one-half
gallon of stock that will easily flavor two gallons of
chowder, once it's diluted with tomato sauce and various
veggies. Rendering the broth filled the house with aromas
that were not lost on Barbara's Balinese terrorists, KiKi
and Inari, who aren't shy about letting you know they're
hungry!! At least escaping their attacks may be easier
soon as spring rolls in. Seeing green leaves push back the
snow and overgrow the brown stubble from last year
makes it seem like the arrival of robins can't be far ahead.
And with that comes potential for mishaps on the water or
the streets. So while having fun, be careful so it isn't your
boat washing ashore; or worse yet, your "ghost bike"
monument to deadly encounter with motor vehicle.
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Bob Sterner
photos © 2008
Lolbstracious / BKrooss Photo
Ghost Bike
Taking stock
Bouquet of Bugs
Coming to life
Nice boat
Hardy cactus
Bittersweet Bob / BKrooss Photo
Bali Terrorists