Spy's out of the wardrobe

Being a bit of a chameleon is central to being Bob, so I
leapt on an opportunity to infiltrate what sounds like a
subversive group, which became a particularly involved
mission. The Society for Creative Anachronism is an
international operation with local cells in virtually every
community. Its members address each other with adopted
code names when they gather in homes to exchange ideas
on advancing personal and organizational agendas. They
are well-prepared for a post-apocalyptic society, deeply
researching how humanity advanced through the middle
ages and renaissance. Hand-to-hand combat with primitive
weapons of those days is encouraged. Combatants train
nearly every weekend with broadswords, maces and
longbows. Some royalty titles can be earned only through
prowess in battle. Some of the organization's established
kingdoms routinely go to war over turf in conflicts that
encompass thousands of combatants. The area in dispute
goes to the loser, curiously, but it speaks volumes for the
organization. These people don't need more hassles. They
just want to study humanity in an earlier era. Hey, calorie-
rich recipes from times when humans did something other
than sit in front of computers taste good to me, and a little
smiting and smoting might be just the ticket to wear off
the load of sugar and fat. And faux celebrations?
Who knew we already had an excuse for post-holiday
excess in 12th Night centuries before Hallmark invented
Kwanza. Bring on the mead and Popeye's Chicken, eh?
Well the true residents here, Schmutz n Cale cats, don't
appreciate Bobcat randying about. But they do appreciate
each other when he does. Somehow, I just couldn't
disturb them as they sprawled face-to-face over my desk,
much as I needed the space to do office work. A real
kicker was to look down to see their tails entwined as they
lay cheek-to-cheek. Just like those young Society for
Creative Anachronism bucks they wrestle, but amicably.
At the end of the day and tomorrow too they are heartfelt
friends if we're all so fortunate. Although cold winds are
delivering snow and ice to the Northeast, there's a strong
upbeat sensation. It's kind of like seeing the first rays of
sunlight hit the tops of Manhattan's skyscrapers,
energizing metropolis for a new tomorrow.
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Bob Sterner
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