It's that crazy time of year when days grow shorter but
activities expand exponentially. Every few years another
holiday is invented to mark the solstice that has been
observed since long before the Druids. That's OK. The
more parties the merrier and there's got to be no place
merrier than Manhattan. For real zeal it's tough to beat
Chinatown, where they dance down streets in dragon
costumes. You can't even escape festivities by going
underground for subways are filled with buskering brass
musicians playing holiday songs. Dive clubs are awash
with events. At Oceanblue Divers' 2nd anniversary you
could look at a mermaid and live to tell about it, so long as
the glance doesn't totally offend your mate. Fortunately
Stan Waterman's wasn't. Smart divers bring their own
squeeze to the party. Keith Phillips of Scuba Diving
magazine and Suzanne Garrett of Oceana demonstrate
safe buddy party protocol. The holiday season might not
be so safe if you're considered prey by humans. So sad.
But omnivores do seem to benefit from at least some
Vitamin B-12 in their diets, and that's an essential nutrient
found only in animal products or powders manufactured
in New Jersey chemical factories. Your call for you, but
I'll take the organic version. Some seriously organic fibers
were on display at the Rhinebeck, N.Y., Sheep and Wool
festival where the cute critters gave new meaning to Hello
Dolly! What really caps the arrival of winter here, though,
is the resurgence of the music season. The Met opera,
philharmonic, ballet, and are back in full swing. Look here
in upcoming weeks for comments on local performances,
openings and other events.
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Bob Sterner
photos © 2008
Hello Dolly!
Oceanblue Revue
Chinatown fete
Oceanblue Laughter
Turkey carving
Bob exits opera
Met Opera Foyer
Underground Music
Stan Waterman sandwich