Hourglass / looking glass

Just like a snake, time keeps slippin' and slidin' into the
future, with a few seriously cuddly moments that even a
boa constrictor might appreciate. It was 15 years ago this
month when this reporter tried to get notes for a story
about a Liberty Island beach cleanup dive by interviewing
a participant chumming over the stern of the
Jeanne II
charter boat. Being seasick, Barbara couldn't run from the
press, but her comments didn't make a lick of sense. We
were mutually unimpressed with each other then, but
somehow a bond formed that's stronger than ever as
we've traveled the world through diving. You can't beat
having a buddy with ESP. Yet oddly topside? She never
made any more sense than a woozy blonde blowing lunch
over the stern while replying to questions until my hair
evolved from red to blonde. Two blondes are better than
one to dream up adventures. Toss in a little Zen and it's
almost bliss. Trips to the Humes Japanese Stroll Garden at
Oyster Bay, N.Y., will wind down this October when
Barbara plays her last
shakuhachi gig of the year on
Sunday, Oct. 12. Still we may need to get out there for
the amazing tranquility of this 5-acre plot. Bamboo and
trees rustle over a terrain of mosses and reeds.
Chipmunks and squirrels clamber over rocks. Koi and
frogs teem in a man-made lake. It's waterfall adds a gentle
ambiance to the air that filled with birds and mosquitoes
thanks to the water there. SWAT! Sorry Buddha, maybe
I'll achieve the enlightenment to not nail those little itchy
buzzers in my
next lifetime. A bit more down to earth are
those united in the Society for Creative Anachronism.
SCA was out in force at a recent Queens County Fair.
Hard to believe but this borough of New York City
annually recreates a believable version of a rural county
fair. Pigs, cows, chickens, fowl, crafts, music, junk food,
rides, trinkets, farm equipment, hay rides; it was all there.
And more! Thanks to the SCA. In years of covering
county fairs throughout Northwest Ohio, I'd never seen
smiting and smoting by combatants armed as in eras gone
by. Archerers dressed in period costumes squared off
with bows and arrows that ranged from semi-modern to
ancient in design. Even the original stealth technology of
hunting – trained raptors – was on display by members of
this organization that takes a humorous whack at
modernity while preserving history. What better place to
think about the next 15 years.
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Bob Sterner
photos © 2008
BobnBarbara, Roatan
Barbara at 1st Sight
Bob with squeeze
Barbara at Humes
Humes Reeds
Humes Moss
Humes Fall
Owl in flight
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