Life? Cool!

It's not quite summer. It's even better. Late spring. People
can get out to do all of those things they want to spend
the summer doing, but the can't because it's to friggin'
HOT! Just a quick bike ride along the Hudson River
waterfront is a people-watching frenzy as everyone rushes
to enjoy the day. A carp a day, one might say, but for one
happy fisherman, it was a striped bass that no doubt fed
an extended family that night. Nearby, a couple
cell-phoned friends leaving on the
Norwegian Dawn about
how they might spot them on the pier as the cruise ship
left New York harbor. St. Mary's Catholic Church was
having a spring festival that nearly overflowed a municipal
park. Attractions like the petting zoo with llamas and
rabbits, and gambling were big hits. "Pot's $20 grand," the
ring master barked as the 5 p.m.drawing neared for the
event's 50-50 drawing. That's not a bad take for a church
picnic. Although fairly quiet today, Hoboken Marina was
hopping on April 23 last year, when Captain Reid Stowe
and Soanya Ahmed embarked from it with a goal of sailing
for 1,000 days out of sight of land. Anyone who's
followed that adventure at knows that it
continues albeit not they way they'd planned. Three
sailboat hulls tied off at the edge of the marina made me
wish for the best for Captain Stowe. A few miles toward
the mouth of the river, the Society for Creative
Anachronism was demonstrating its collective skills. Lots
of fighting among the guys, of course, and their ladies
created some fine handicrafts and snacks. Jeez! Whoever
would've expected a sign eating tree! A Tolkien Ent
personified. Particularly impressive was a chapter from
Philadelphia with an authentic Viking longboat that they've
sailed in seas as far as the Baltic. The figurehead's green
eye is a functional starboard bow light. Nice touch! And
of course, spring amplifies thoughts of  diving. A trip to
New Jersey's Round Valley Reservoir was a reminder of
the many nuances one gains by regularly pursuing a much
loved activity. And the more we enjoy life, the broader the
love; like resting as Barbara's Zen flute tones waft over the
Humes Japanese Stroll garden. Everything is so timeless
yet immediate. It's not the heat that keeps everyone from
fully enjoying life, it's the lack of hours in the day.
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Norwegian Princess
Nice bass!
St. Mary's Festival
Hoboken Marina
Free boats!
Ent Comes Alive!!!
Joust a minute!
Round Valley Reservoir
Viking Longboat
Zen Fluter Barbara