Circuit breaker

No it wasn't a blown fuse that prevented updating this
page. A crazy schedule kept me away from the desk, but
more people than ever got the analog version of Where's
Bob. Delivering talks and representing
Northeast Dive
News at Chicago's Our World Underwater and the Boston
Sea Rovers let me gab with lots of divers and fellow
speakers. Now only
Beneath The Sea in Secaucus, N.J., is
left in the triumvirate of winter events that entail talking
about diving instead of actually getting wet. Fortunately an
interim press trip to the Dominican Republic's
La Romana
region gave me a good fix of fun gathering notes and
photos to turn into story placements and more dive show
talks. While on the island, wreckage of what's believed to
be Captain Kidd's "pirate" ship were found just offshore.
No the cannon ball isn't at the real wreck site, which is
reserved for archaeologists. Rather, it's a simulated site
just off La Romana. Not far away is the wreck of the
George. At 120 feet, my buddy didn't spend a lot
of time flashing a V sign over its prop before we headed
to shallower waters. Really a neat wreck. Although it was
installed as an artificial reef, it's been down long enough to
instill a sense of sinking naturally. Reefs were vibrant,
with lots of critters and marine life. A nurse shark almost
seemed to beg for its chin to be scratched, but I resisted
the impulse. Although fairly mellow, they do have teeth.
And chrikey! Unlike a cable-TV outdoor adventure show
host, I didn't feel like testing my Divers Alert Network
insurance policy. It's safer to check out sponges. Topside,
the land is a Swiss cheese of caves and caverns that were
occupied by the Garifuna natives eons ago, when now-
flooded passages were dry during the last ice age. They
decorated their homes with petroglyphs – a fancy word
for ancient graffiti
and natives to this day seem to
treasure the legacy of their ancestors as they march into
the 21st century. Ancient ways, newer developments such
horses for transportation and modern amenities like casino
gambling and golf on a Pete Dye course all comfortably
co-exist here, making the destination timely yet timeless.
OK. I could have updated
Where's Bob on passes through
my office. But there were important distractions, like
making sure that every one of my Metropolitan Opera
tickets got used, and checking out the Devils' new hockey
arena in Newark, NJ.
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