Dancing with storms

Oops! Missed a few calls. Hurricane Felix is doing the tap
dance on Honduras that I missed while Dean passed just
offshore. Oddly, while sitting in Houston Airport returning
from Roatan, CNN flashed photos of Midwest flooding in
Northwest Ohio, the subject the
previous Where's Bob.  
Stay tuned for spectacular coverage if this storm pattern
follows me to Hoboken. Hope not, but even more hope
that Felix spared Honduras its wrath. Roofs of shacks on
islands like Cayos Cochintos, where hundreds of unique
tribal natives thrive, are barely 20 feet above sea level. If
they weren't evacuated, most likely the people I met there
are gone. The sea is more forgiving for the creatures that
live in the watery medium that covers 70 percent of the
planet. Moray eels no doubt are queueing up for cleaning
on the sea mount off Utila, where Anouk of
Vision Dive Center showed me her favorite sites. Sponges
are filtering water there and the sand may have even more
pronounced tidal stripes under the Aquarium Reef
Anthony's Keys' dolphins probably still are
kissing customers for sardine snacks on Roatan and the
Halliburton Wreck is unlikely to move too far from its
100-foot-deep home off Utila. Topside? The little simian
that hopped on my neck is probably better able than me at
weathering storms. Same goes for the cool cat who rules
Jade Seahorse. The pool at the base of Pico Bonito's
Mermaid Falls is probably deeper than ever to reward
those who skinny dip there to cool off after hiking the
Loop path through a steamy equatorial rain forest.
Ahhhhh! That felt great. Can't wait to get back again.  
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Yuki Hayashi Photo
Ceiba landing
Jade Seahorse Master
Mermaid Falls, Pico Bonito
Pico Bonito Cutter Ants
Zip thru Rainforest
George Miller Photo
Halliburton Wreck
Cayos Cochintos
Cleaning station
Anouk / Sponge