Summer salad days

With a midpoint of 07/07/07 this season should just
sizzle with good fortune, and with the sights set right,
it is. Never mind the wet neck from fish flopping into
your neighbor's creel or that the jolt on your rod that
snarled the reel was just a wad of sea weed tumbling
in the 4-knot current. The real catch is a sea breeze,
and a glimpse at a fellow predator on the dock, a cat
eyeing the catbird he craves. What makes it time to
stop and smell the trumpet flowers is seeing young
men and women nearby with severe war wounds
shopping for ways to rebuild their lives at the Breezy
Point Adaptive Sports Fair. It's hard to believe that
this is part of New York City. Fishing, sailing, water
skiing, jet skiing, swimming, even scuba diving were
all options to tempt these survivors to take another
step toward achieving what they used to take for
granted. Pros were everywhere to tempt them
toward their specialty. People like "Big Wave" Dave,
who set up the
Diving Equipment & Marketing
Association pool on the beach and instructors from
Handicapped Scuba Association and Disabled
Sports USA helped the Wounded Warrior Project
touch the lives of those who need a big hand. Sure
my legs turned to clay as usual while pedaling back
home over the Brooklyn Bridge, but it was so darned
nice to have legs that a humid 90F didn't register.
And getting back to the computer helped me find
recipes to turn sea weed into nori for sushi rolls.
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Catch of Day / BKrooss Photo
Snarl!! / BKrooss Photo
Trumpet in the land
Wharf cat
Nice bass
Vet gets sea legs
Hmmm, a Jetski?
Stew / Burke
Big Wave Dave
Pedaling the Brooklyn Bridge