Seasons change

There's nothing like the summer solstice to spur
thoughts on changes. Some 16 years after earning
a scuba certification at
Dutch Springs, Pa., I was
back there covering diving as a journalist. That's the
gig that paid for my scuba lessons then. What a trip
from the upper left to lower right shot covering
between the retro, but re-emerging technology of
rebreathers. They were the original Self-Contained
Underwater Breathing Device, aka scuba. Hans and
Lotte Haas explored the world on them long before
Jacques Cousteau created his aqualung. Nowadays
air recycling proponents include Underwater
Detective Richie Kohler,
Dive Rite's Pete Nawrocky;
Ian Harrington, whose company
Micropore, is   
working to make the technology foolproof; and Greg
Dubas, (grabbing a dog) whose
Manta Industries
unsnarls snarly diving. These gizmos require extra
thought so they will never be as idiot-proof as
Cousteau's aqualung, Heady as it is to talk diving
with these luminaries, a simple trip to Long Island's
Humes Japanese Stroll Garden the next day helped
to put things in perspective. Relaxing to tones of the
shakuhachi, while watching flora, fauna and clouds
dance across the sky, sometimes reflected in pools
of water so shallow that they can be dived only with
a microscope somehow connected the dots in
thoughts between Pennsylvania Dutch land and
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