Predation seems to be an underlying theme in the
Pennsylvania heartland where we sought respite
from the Northeast heat wave. Humanity's precarious
placement atop the food chain is a central reminder
throughout outdoor provisioner Cabela's superstore.
Record specimens are mounted in sculptures
depicting faux fights to the finish, all a strident
reminder to stock up on guns, ammo and fishing
gear to keep these apex-predator wannabes in line.
Why. It made us want to eat a brace of campfire-
grilled bluegills just to keep them in line.

There's no place like Amish country to hark back to
a more basic mindset while keeping a strong pulse
on the present. That they know how to wring the
most out of space is evident in their seeming to be
farmsteads per acre instead of per mile elsewhere.
Somehow they support lots of big families on
acreage that is ever diminishing through division
among heirs. That inspires many to make and
market tasty foods, intricate quilts and textile
products, fine woodwork and kitsch galore for
tourists. Although they may generally eschew
outside worldly influences, they are savvy enough to
grow ever-popular world crops like tobacco and pick
up quality items at a good price at their local
hardware store.

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