Keeping warm

"Chance Storm," the computerized voice of the
NOAA's Weather Radio promises a week of record-
breaking high temperatures and humidity levels.
That's all well and good for the plants striving to take
over the garden. Why is it that the weeds thrive
better than the ones that were planted. A fortunate
exception are the hops bines. Cones of Williamette
and, for a first time this year, Kent Goldings, are
bursting forth. As soon as the heat wave breaks,
they'll add flavor to batches of brew that will be on
tap at Sterner's Bar & Grill this fall and winter.

A good warm up for this heat wave was visiting
Savannah, Ga., in the previous week. My 91-year-
old Aunt Betty, seen here at a local eatery, hosted
quite a tour of the town. Never made it across the
bridge to South Carolina, but it surely was nice to
get a glimpse of everything Savannah, down to little
minutia like fiddler crabs skittering across the sand.

More than memories came back from that trip. Too
many souvenirs tipped the bag into the Overweight
category, which now provides a good warning for
people attempting to heft Schmutz.

Meanwhile, with record high heat, cooking has
moved out to the grill on the patio. Cool.

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Garden post weeding
Hops are blooming
Sign of the Schmutz
Savannah Bridge to SC
Bob with Aunt B
Fiddler On The Reef