What a holiday

Sure it would've been a lot of fun to go out and clog
up the roadways with thousands of other motorists,
to vie to get to a weekend campground before the
last site was taken. But why bother with that
aggravation, rain, mosquitoes and poison ivy when
there is so much to do in Gotham.

Inviting a sizeable lobster home for dinner along with
his steamer clam shellfish cousins set the pace for
the weekend. Back in Revolutionary War days, this
would have been considered low-brow, poor man's
food. Despite the cachet it's acquired these days,
lobster still is an economic choice. From a meal for
two at the outset to the pint of chowder still left in the
'fridge, with an omelet and salad in between, that 3.5-
pound bug yielded 16 individual seafood servings.
That's a bang for the buck almost on the level of
Macy's fireworks on the 4th.

Barbara and I had front row seats for the fireworks
from her building roof in Brooklyn Heights. We could
see all 36,000 shells fire in synchronization directly
in front of us, in New York Harbor and farther north
on the East River.

The next day, after catching up on sorting incoming
work projects, it was time to hustle up to Haverstraw
to crew on the
Viking in the weekly Hudson Cove
race. Although it rained on the way up and there was
an 80 percent chance of thunderstorms, everything
cleared in time for a great race! Check it out:

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Macy's Fireworks from Brooklyn Heights
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Dinner guest is warmly received. Barbara Krooss photo
Skyrocket over Brooklyn Bridge
Feast fit for a 4th of July. Barbara Krooss photo
Post holiday Hudson Cove race start
Upwind battle