Back Home Again

Barely made it back from Curacao in time to catch a
storm so mighty it reminded the planet that my street
at one time was the fjord between the mainland and
Hoboken Island. While watching motorist after
stranded motorist solicit help, and pocketing a few
tips pushing their stalled cars out of the flood, it
made more and more sense to stay put. Schmutz
and Kale concurred, so by a unanimous 3-0 vote it
was decided to address domestic chores.

Overlooking the omnipresent office clutter plus the
dust and patina of cat hair from a week away, I opted
to get to work on what was really presssing, the last
beer keg being nearly empty. Sterner's Bar & Grill's
well-stocked larder held a wide selection of raw
materials to create 5 gallons of homebrew, which
now is filling the house with aromas reminiscent of
prohibition days. Rains largely abated into a cold
drizzle that turned the Haverstraw Regatta into a
race between sensible sailing and hypothermia.

Hypothermia won.

The big winner?

The garden.

Hops bines are growing so fast that you dare not
stand near them for fear of being entwined in their
rampant growth. Salad greens, snow peas, lemon
grass, strawberries, Swiss chard, kohlrabi and
broccoli are popping out of the ground. The
cornucopia is filled with fresh food, beer and story

Life is good. Check it out:

Hoboken Fjord: Bob Sterner photo
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Haverstraw Regatta: Bob Sterner photo
Schmutz: Bob Sterner photo
What's Brewin': Bob, Self portrait
Kale Cat: Bob Sterner photo